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Tools for Content Creators



A piece of equipment only turns into a viable tool in the hands of a skilled worker. 

Founded in 2012, NetworkRentals was built by Producer/Director, Richie Garcia, and Cinematographer, Tim Jimenez. The business ethos which centered on skilled personnel, reliability, and good value came naturally from their wealth of experience on and off the film set. 

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We help medium and large-scale production companies like YOU in creating outstanding content by providing state-of-the-art equipment (available for short and long-term lease) and technical expertise in various aspects and forms of content production. 



With our full and compact production units , special purpose equipment and technical consultancy and support, we make sure you’re all set for your content production from start to finish!

When your bottomline matters.

Network Rentals provides bottom-line driven solutions for your technical production needs. We work with your Production and Finance teams from pre-production to pack-up to provide your company the most efficient equipment package to maintain a sustainable and predictable production budget.


The company has an extensive inventory of essential production equipment available for day rental and long term lease for all types of content creators on any platform. 


Customised Solutions for Your Content Creation

Producing content for digital platforms,TV or film is not a one-way street. We have come up with premium solutions and packages to help make your vision come to life.

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Our Compact Production Unit has just what you need for small budget projects. Get pro-grade, branded audio and video equipment and top-of-the-line LED fixtures at affordable rates. You wouldn’t even need a generator with its low power draw (only 7-10 amps total) which saves you logistical costs and manpower.

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