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We have always believed that collaborations multiply the success and magnificence of any content. Whether it’s media production or event activation, we have just the team that will see to OUR MUTUAL VICTORY!

Content Production

Immerse Entertainment Inc.

Not just another content company.


Run by filmmakers acting like businessmen, Immerse Entertainment is a content startup fortified by a strong backend structure. They are effective producers who create and appreciate well-incubated concepts and stand by their creative integrity.

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Event Activation

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Set & Stage Resource Management Inc.

One-stop Solution for All Studio, Remote Shoots and Live Events Production


With media and entertainment industries always on the hunt for skilled production workers, Set & Stage was established in 2016 to address the growing demand.


As a one-stop integrated technical solution for live events and activations, they are committed to the highest standards of technical and creative excellence and the upliftment of working standards and conditions of technical production work.

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